Printed Publications Guide

  This guide includes all ISBA publications currently in print. Receipt of publications may be subject to availability and/or membership status in the Indiana School Boards Association. Schools - Please select the TAX EXEMPT button to avoid being charged Indiana Sales Tax! All orders will include a $3.00 per item shipping/handling charge.

Boardmanship       With Sales Tax Tax Exempt
 Exemplary Board Brochure & Procedure Policy          
The Indiana School Boards Association Model of Board Governance # 107 Resource Manual $15.00
The Role of the School Board President   Download Only Free  
Shouldering A Big Responsibility   Download Only Free  
Board Services Download Only Free
ISBA Code of Ethics   Download Only Free  
Parliamentary Procedure Reference Guide   Download Only Free  
2011 Employee Discharge Manual # 302 Resource Manual $50.00
2008 Compulsory Attendance School Attendance Manual   Resource Manual $50.00
2014 Student Due Process and Discipline Manual # 303 Resource Manual $50.00
Student Transfers and Transfer Tuition   Download Only Free  
Understanding Indiana's Open Door Law   Download Only Free  
Drafting A Superintendent's Contract   Download Only Free  
13 Points of Employee Dismissal   Download Only Free  
Policy Development Services Download Only Free
Indiana School Laws and Rules # 304 Book $100.00
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Candidate Kit # 112 Kit $18.00
Media Relations          
Media Relations Manual # 550 Resource Manual $22.00
Legislative Bulletins (posted on ISBA website homepage during General Assembly)   Download Only Free  

Available on website

Legislative Resolutions (posted on ISBA website homepage)   Download Only Free  

Available on website

ISBA Award Plaque Call to Order $55.00


ISBA Journal (Quarterly) - Free for ISBA members Magazine $28.00/year
Hoosier School Board Members Work For Better Schools Through the ISBA   Download Only Free  
ISBA Constitution and Bylaws (revised 2009)   Download Only Free  
Welcome To The ISBA Certification/Awards Program (CAP)   Download Only Free  
ISBA Regional Map-Under Revision Currently Not Available # 105 Document-Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

ISBA Directory (yearly) - Three complimentary copies to each school corporation; one to Superintendent and two to board president. Additional copies $20.00. Up to 10 copies are available to Service Members at no cost upon payment of dues. Associate members will be charged $20.00 per directory. Non-members costs are $45.00 per directory. Contact the ISBA comptroller at (317) 639-0330 x101 for more information. ID-SB School Corporations additional Copies


ID-A Associate Members $20.00
ID-NM Non-Members $45.00
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